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Table decorations ﹣Reception

桌邊佈置, ivy, baby roses, wax flower , hydrangea。 只提供鮮花佈置。

Friday, November 13, 2009

Interior Plants in office 室內植物

Interior plants improve air quality and help us feel good.

1. Plants have been proven to remove airborne harmful contaminants. 植物去除空氣的懸浮有害物質。
2. Absorption of carbon dioxide and emission of oxygen refreshing the air 吸收二氧化炭,提供新鮮氧氣。
3. Increased positive feelings and reduced feelings of anxiety, anger and sadness. 增加正面的工作情緒,減少緊張,憤怒及懮傷。
4. Reduction of sound levels 減少聲浪
5. Reduction of stress levels 減少員工的工作壓力
6. Control of humidity to the within the optimum levels for human health 控制空氣的濕度,使人更舒適健氣。
7. Cooling effect 減低室溫
8. Improved concentration levels leading to improved productivity particularly with those working with computers 對經常使用電腦的員工,綠色植物可以提高注意力,提升工作效率。
9. Reduction of absenteeism in the workplace 使員工較少請假。
10. Faster recovery from mental tiredness 使原本容易感到疲乏的辦公室,更加有生氣活力。
11. Interiors feel spacious, looked after and clean 擴大室內的視野空間,裝修更整潔簡約。
12. People prefer to occupy rooms that contain plants 有植物的室內空間,比較吸引人聚集。
13. Improved image - interiors are perceived as "more expensive" 室內植物作為佈置辦公室,比較低成本。


Plant for office 室內植物種類

1. ZZ Plant ( Zamioculcas zamifolia ) 金錢樹

Each of the branches coming from the compost is actually a leaf and the ' leaves' are leaflets coming of them. An easy and very impressive plant for a semi shady room.

2.Dracaena 馬尾鐵

Regarded highly as a garden plant in warmer climates. This Dracaena is a stunning houseplant with wide brightly marked leaves and thick woody stems. It will tolerate lower light levels but the yellow band will become greener with time.

3. Ficus Lyrata - fiddle Leaf fig 琴葉榕

Large strangely shaped glossy leaves (hence the name!) grow in a whorl up the long straight stem of this shapely fig. Branches will grow from the leaf bases in time creating a wonderfully exotic specimen.

4. Pachira aquatica 發財樹(扭桿)

Another rarity in the houseplant world, Pachira is a slightly bizarre plant that is generally sold as three or more stems that have been plaited together to form a single trunk. Out of this trunk grows large leaves composed of 6-9 leaflets. A great conversation point as a specimen plant.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Garden Style - Decorations made easy! 庭園風格花佈置

No more big red roses, floral balls, no tall vases that block the views, just small pieces and bottle here and there! That's flowers just almost like hand picked! The guest in surrounding not even notices their presence."I wanted something simple and laid back". That's the point!

But sometimes, it may not be equal to less budget you would expected.


Vine monogram design 草滕壁飾

American Roses Bouquet 大頭美國瑰花束

Different color of American Roses bouquet, with holland assorted flowers.
Purchase online at

American Roses are feature by their large head size. They will be last longer than the dutch bleed kind of roses that commonly growth in China. People will be amazed by their size, but they are generally not too fragrance.

The american roses are shipped from Ecuador, to Holland and then to Hong Kong. They can be use to refrigerate a long time without opening too soon, and less prong to remove. Florist love to use them for a reason!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dark purple and red calla wedding bouquet 馬啼蘭花球

Red calla, pink American baby roses, purple roses and assorted.
Decoration with red ribbon and pearl pins.

Contact our florist to get your own personal style!
tel : 2136 7427

Wedding Corsage 襟花

Chic and simple flower corsage on your wedding day!!!
Contact our florist to get your own personal style
Tel: 2136 7427

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Red roses wedding 紅攻瑰花球

Classical red roses are still popular today. Do you know the color of green and red are perfect for photo shooting? Yes. They will look stunning luxury everywhere. This bouquet is Bohemian style with small flowers and foliages.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Autumn theme wedding - Peach and brown color

This is a garden and natural style bouquet, randomly picking about 6 roses, a lot of filler of different type. Flowers arrange in a whimsical way and just like you pick it out yourself from the garden. That's your character!


One more... Pink orchid and Pink roses

Flower curtain

I love this idea!!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) care instructions 朱頂蘭的打理方法

Instructions on how to take care Amaryllis.

In the home: 朱頂蘭的打理方法:

1. Slant cut the stems and stand in fresh water. It is advisable to cut a small piece off the stems every two days to achieve maximum vase life. 每隔兩天換水剪腳。
2. Moving the flowers into a different vase or replacing the water in the vase will not impair their vase life. 換花瓶的水對花沒有影响。
3. Do not forget that the hollow stems of Hippeastrum are filled with water. Drain them above the vase when moving them. 花莖中空,當拿起會有水倒出。
4. When using Hippeastrum at an angle it is advisable to push a stick into the stem to prevent it from bending. It would normally take 10 to 14 days before this occurred.當在大約一星期左右,中空的花莖要放竹枝扶直,以防倒下。
5. Hippeastrum grows taller as the flower opens. Ensure there is plenty of space above the flower ( 20 cm) to accommodate this growth. 花會長高,要預有空間。
6. Hippeastrum does not need cut flower food but can tolerate it. 可以不用鮮花水,下亦無損花。
7. Remove dead blooms to maintain the ornamental value. 可以剪去凋謝的花頭。
8. When Hippeastrum has been standing in water the base of the stem will turn red and start to curl back. This has no ill effects on the flower’s ability to absorb water.


Monday, August 24, 2009

七夕情人節 Happy Chinese Valentine's day

2009年七夕情人節是:農曆七月初七,西曆8月26日。 分隔兩地的戀人們要送花給女朋友啊!





Monday, August 10, 2009

Wedding flowers in Hot summer! 適合炎夏結婚的鮮花

Here's a short list of a few hardy flowers that recommends:

Protea 皇后
Spider Mum 爪菊
Button mum 菊仔 
Carnation 康乃響
Craspedia 黃金球
Coxcomb 雞冠花
Mini calla lily or regular Calla 馬啼蘭
Sunflower 向日葵
Anthurium 紅掌
Cymbidium orchid 蕙蘭
Cornflower 貓眼
Wax flower 立梅
Hypericum berries 紅豆

What flowers should couples avoid if they are getting married outdoors in the heat?
Hydrangea 繡球, Garden Roses, Dahlias大理花, and Gardenias , Bouvardia 十字花。

Tulips will open when heat. So, it is is very depends on your design

If they are used, try the best with these method.
1) Let the flowers drink enough water.
2) Put the flowers bouquet in the vase frequently.
3) Use flower bouquet handle with wet foam.
4) Spray of flower coating where necessary

Friday, July 24, 2009

Buying a China Wedding dress?

We have heard about custom made dress in Guangzhou street, but now I see a website even with a factory producing your dress one by one, with the size you wanted.

Anyone try?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

炎夏買花小貼士 - Flowers for hot summer!!


1) 玫瑰花在夏天的高溫,好花打開,吸水特別快。有網的玫瑰如果超過一天,因為綁緊而不能打開,又或者打開亦而過熟。亦因為玫瑰的一車車由國內而來到香港,有一天時間是只用冰瓶保持冷凍,因為溫度一提升,花就催開,再雪藏不能由復未開的樣子了。


2)百合花是夏天寵兒,花期長又耐看,香氣滿溢。近年,百合花亦多了不同的品種,亦有荷蘭品種的供應,不再是粉紅或就是白色百合,可以看不同的顏色班紋,一定不老套!炎夏不用放太多水,因為會很快開,用高身lily vase, 如果是casablanca亦要加竹枝扶直。


4) 夏天的綉球,要有大量的水,荷蘭的綉球又比國內的耐看,價錢是一貴一點。



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Wedding ideas blog

DIY project, invitations

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

Care Instructions 鮮花保養問題

Flowers makes you happy! Don't be upset when they are dying several days later. The flowers are begin to getting older and older everyday when they have been cut away from soil.

Flowers that sells in Hong Kong will usually get to fully open very quickly in the hot summer, and they die quickly, or otherwise they suffer dehydration, drinking not enough water, before they are fully blossom.

General Rules,

"Carefully remove the packaging and insert your flower to vase immediately upon recieve!!!" (otherwise they will die in the packaging.)

1) Use flower food
2) Replace with clean waters frequently
3) take out the flower stems when it dies
4) Avoid heat and temperature, stay in cool place
5) Use a clean vase that filled with 2/3 of waters

When the flowers show any sign of not absorbing enough water,

1)bent neck for roses, gerbera,
2)soft petal for hydrangea
3)soft neck for tulips

Wrap it with paper and drop it to a bucket of water of 2/3 length, for 2-3 hours, see if the flowers got retrieve, re-cut the stems( with a sharp knife, slant cut) when necessary. Remove some of the leaves on the roses stems will be possible to stop water losing out to the air.

Remember, if you really want something can extend a longer period of time, always ask the florist for guidance. They will be happy to let you know which flowers are in seasons.

Some more details care for florist: (it may has been taken care before we sold)
(source: )

1) Buy when the bud is fully grown and ‘loose’.
2) Remove the lower leaves.
3) Use clean vases and fresh water containing cut flower food.
4) Avoid smoke, fruit and exhaust fumes (sources of ethylene).
5) Give the customer an adequate supply of cut flower food.

1) A clean vase and fresh water are essential.
2) Cut a piece off the stems and remove as many leaves as possible.
3) Cut shrub food will extend the vase life considerably, up to a maximum of two weeks. 4) Avoid draughts as this will cause the flowers to droop.

Helianthus/ Sunflowers
1) Cut a good piece off the stems, remove as much foliage as possible and stand in cold water containing special food for cut shrubs.
2) Never leave without water. Check the water level regularly because this flower is very thirsty.
3) Avoid crowding the flowers to avoid damage.

1) Put the flowers in water immediately to allow the stems to absorb plenty of water. 2) The water should be shallow as the flowers could otherwise be contaminated.
3) Cut flower food inhibits bacterial contamination.
4) Don't let any water droplets on the flower petals.

Amaryllis / Hippeastrum
1) Do not store Hippeastrum too cold (<5°C) as the trumpets will discolour.
2) Cut the stems off straight and stand the flowers in fresh water containing food for bulbous flowers.
3) A dark vase will stop the stems from turning red and curling back.
4) Push a stick into the flower stem to keep it straight.

1) At temperatures below 2°C the bud can turn brown.
2) Stand the flowers in water containing cut flower food, preferably special food for lilies.
3) Remove any pollen from clothing with the aid of a brush or adhesive tape or hang out in the sun for several hours.
4) Do not try to remove the stains with water. The flowers can be strongly scented.

Paeonia (Peony)
1) Cut a piece off the stems and put the flowers in fresh water with cut flower food.
2) Higher temperatures will speed up flowering, so Paeonia should be kept in a cool spot.
3) If the flowers are to open well the buds must be moistened regularly using a plant spray.

Zantedeschia (Calla Lily)
1) Cut a piece off the stems and stand in fresh water.
2)The stem ends can be stopped from curling back by wrapping them with adhesive tape or using a dark vase.
3)Allow the flowers to drink their fill if they are to be used with Oasis foam as it is difficult for them to absorb water from the foam.

1) A tulip bud that is fully grown and showing colour will develop best in the vase.
2) Drooping tulips can be revived by cutting a piece off the stems, wrapping them in paper and standing them in fresh water in a cool spot.
3) Remember that tulips continue to grow in the vase, re-cut when necessary.

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Our stationery, Wedding cards, Invitation,etc.

RSVP cards, invitations, receptions, etc.
Digitally printed with high quality papers.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

甜心糖果 Sweet Candies for your sweetheart!

Buy a small little surprise for your sweetheart!
Air tight candy jar around 10cm height, with a little bunny rabbit.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

開花店最「Big Fun」問題?

開花店最「Big Fun」問題?



用少花不等於平,自己姊妹DIY或餐廳staff做即可,少了運費,人力等等開支。少過十札或過千元花材,其實功夫很少,不用假手於人。不同公司有不同的Cost structure,min. price 有不同因數。以為花很便宜,就以為人力等功夫不值一錢,簡直天真。少花,就要用貴而精緻的,多花,可以便宜和大量。其實,花多做佈置手功不多,是但插可以,花少,做主題,都要有Design skill, 不可假手於人啊!

遇上這些問題,好難開口答,學阿Sa話:真是Big Fun!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

簡約主意。Simple wedding decoration.


Using a simple flower material, same color in a bunch, different size of container. Display them in a rhythmical and creative way. Is that simple and elegant?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

牡丹花球 Peony wedding bouquet

Wedding bouquet consist of large peony from Holland, Viburnum, Wax flowers.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

玫瑰花球 Rose wedding bouquet


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Teach yourself a become a Stylish Bride!!! 自己策劃簡單婚禮。

Many brides magazines are not showcase of real stories. This leading yourself without a vivid sample and any direction to start with. The showcase website here has a lot of really simple but elegant ways to organize, and to style things.

It is important to think for yourself before you go to approach any of the make up and dressing artist. Getting start with a website. Clipping some of your inspiration.

Your wedding will become really fun!

Ways to create a inspiration scrap book.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Edgy Gothic Brides!!

Interesting Colors!!! Interesting blog!

Offbeat Bride blog

「 逆 向 選 擇 」? 




Tuesday, March 10, 2009

White Phalaenopsis Opening vase - 蝴蝶蘭開張花瓶

Whiter than White shirt. Very simplistic and Elegant style.

Contact our florist at 21367427 for details.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wedding flowers Trends 花球,場地設計趨勢

Be the Drama queen on your Big day!

1) Break the rule. Get yourself a super-sized if you a petite girl, a mini chic style if you are the tall bride. A super-size bouquet composite with hydrangea, peony and roses with big volume of flowers. A mini chic style with flowers set on wire or set on the flower foam handle, feeling feather light and small.

2) Color first! Consider yourself with a minimum budget. Only get yourself one kind of flowers and shade to get a interesting result. The bridesmaid with different color of dresses, so as their bouquets. No need everyone on the same uniform now. It is ok for everyone has their own style now!

e.g tulips, calla lily, roses go with a single bunch without hurting your budget. Get yourself and bridesmaids different special colors!

3) Flowers arrangement in chic and small ways. No need to have a big flowers show, roses bed again! It costs less budget if you need only use a few magical arrangements to catch the eyesight. Less flowers used at your ballroom but get a cosy home wedding party instead.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Great Sucess! Valentine's day hit!

多謝大家支持!今年玫瑰花的價錢上漲,入貨少左,所以瞬間沽清,是意料之外。特別是十分多舊客戶的支持,之前promote又唔記得訂,又或者到女朋友提醒至訂,last minute order 都幾多!



Happy Valentine's day!