Monday, October 29, 2007

Wedding flower style guide 結婚花球小貼士

Select your shape of your wedding bouquet. And then select your favorite color, for example the red color, red and orange color, etc.
Use the wedding magazine for your style guide. For example,

選擇你喜愛的花球形狀。然後選擇你喜愛的顏色, 例如紅色,橙紅色,等等。你可以利用一些結婚網站的照片選擇你的喜好。以下是其中一個我常到的網站。

Shape of your wedding bouquet 花球的形狀

1) Hand-tied 手綁露腳
- a bouquet of 20 stems
- wrapped with ribbon or decorate with leaves
- perfect for causal / country style wedding :)


2) tear-drop shape 水滴形
- in flower foam holder
- petite size , light weight , easy to carry
- for brides who likes cute little petite size

3) classical waterfall shape 長拖尾
- in a flower foam holder
- significantly long showers of leaves
- for long dress
- for tall and elegant feel

Yet, you have to select your budget too! Here is some reference of your bouquet budget.

Budget of $800
option 1) 10 calla lily 馬啼蘭
option 2) 2-3 Amaryllis 朱項蘭
option 3) 5 big peony 牡丹花

Budget of $700
option 1) 1-2 stems Hydrangea 繡球花
option 2) 5 stems Muscari 風信子

Budget of $600 or below
option 1) 20 roses 玫瑰花
option 2) cymbidium ordhid 大蕙蘭
option 3) lily 百合花

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Our Hand-tied bouquets in a vase 花香港的花束

The size of our standard 12 roses bouquet will be 50-60cm long in stems, and around 40cm in diameter.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Kumming Flower Market 昆明花市場

Flowers in Hong Kong are mostly come from China, Kumming. As you can see in the picture, a huge production and wholesales of flowers are taken place everyday. Flowers from China is comparable cheaper. They are being transported by truck to Hong Kong everyday and the airfreight cost has been saved. The quality of flowers has been improved due to foreign investment there. Not only roses are growing from Kumming and many other flower varieties are also due to a popular demand.


See more interesting photos from Flickr

Fashionable chrysanthemums! 潮流菊花
Chrysanthemums are not old fashion things. They are now "hip and dynamic". They can create colorful and modern arrangement that widely adopt in some floral masterpieces. See this website for your inspiration.
菊花有豐富的顏色,可以做到不同的花藝擺設。 給予人感覺成傳統的菊花,經過設計師的改造下,是時尚而色彩的配搭。

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Table Flower 餐桌花擺設

These are some simple table arrangement in flower foams and dishes. The dishes will be concealed under the flowers. The arrangement is in oval shape, long spreading on the table surface. You can match with some decorations such as ribbons or candles to enhance the mood and theme color.


Monday, October 1, 2007

Free Candies for your sweetheart!

Promotional Free gifts from!
For any order of bouquets and flower basket (except the orchid plants), we will deliver a box of "ISABELLE" white chocolates with almonds together to your recipient. While stock last.