Monday, October 26, 2009

Garden Style - Decorations made easy! 庭園風格花佈置

No more big red roses, floral balls, no tall vases that block the views, just small pieces and bottle here and there! That's flowers just almost like hand picked! The guest in surrounding not even notices their presence."I wanted something simple and laid back". That's the point!

But sometimes, it may not be equal to less budget you would expected.


Vine monogram design 草滕壁飾

American Roses Bouquet 大頭美國瑰花束

Different color of American Roses bouquet, with holland assorted flowers.
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American Roses are feature by their large head size. They will be last longer than the dutch bleed kind of roses that commonly growth in China. People will be amazed by their size, but they are generally not too fragrance.

The american roses are shipped from Ecuador, to Holland and then to Hong Kong. They can be use to refrigerate a long time without opening too soon, and less prong to remove. Florist love to use them for a reason!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dark purple and red calla wedding bouquet 馬啼蘭花球

Red calla, pink American baby roses, purple roses and assorted.
Decoration with red ribbon and pearl pins.

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Wedding Corsage 襟花

Chic and simple flower corsage on your wedding day!!!
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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Red roses wedding 紅攻瑰花球

Classical red roses are still popular today. Do you know the color of green and red are perfect for photo shooting? Yes. They will look stunning luxury everywhere. This bouquet is Bohemian style with small flowers and foliages.