Tips on Houseplants in Hong Kong

5 tips on how to put different types of planters like an expert

1. Executive Room
Give a boss a unique planter with sculptural look plant. Lechuza Puro 50,  Lechuza Diamante 40 or Pure square  
Boss room usually have more furniture and decorations. Using short plant below 1meter so that it doesn't still too much focus and it looks green. 

2. Reception lobby
Clients see when they come in the office. Use very low light level plant, zz plant or philodendron. Cubico 30 / Delta 30 / Rondo 30 will be the size and height for regular lobby. 

3. Conference room
The conference room can be a very boring space primarily filled with white boards and projectors.
A large size planter can allow client to have some focal point in the large room, spice up your work place with Cubico 40 / Delta 40 / Rondo 40.
Sometimes the airflow of conference room will be draught and we suggest some varieties that tolerant to heat. Dracena cane / Pony tail palm can be the choice depends on light level. 

4. Window sill / table planters
On the cabinet top or window sill, the small area can by brighten up using smaller planters. Choose your plant depends on light level. If it place very near window, you can use succulent which tolerate bright sun and dry air.

5. Color matching with interior

Warm theme, wood interior, modern industrial look.
Taupe / Expresso Color

Carpet floor - add some variant color to get rid of old blue carpet white wall look. A carpet can reduce the light bounce from the surface therefore it looks darker than it is. 
A shinny surface compensate the light absorbed by the carpet and therefore more ambient it looks.
Red / Glossy White / Glossy black  

Use company logo color - our plant specialty will find matching color for corporate identities. Strong color table planters will become a focal point in the room. Get a fresh look of your interior!

blue / purple / orange / yellow / lime green

Neutral look  - Some office have a cozy feel which doesn't need to say too much. Using charcoal for bright sunny warm house or office.  

For trees and planter details, please call us at 2136 7427.

Office plants ideas....

Call us at 2136 7427 for office plant consultation. 

1) Brighten up your interior with glossy Lechuza planter in with colours such as white, black and red.

Houseplants can warm your modern interiors
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Lechuza PURO Color 50

2) Our florist will suggest the best spot for plant to grow for years to years, without any confusion about what to get, when or where to trim it. Several impressive new green plant will create a new look match with your luxury decor.

3) We offer holland plant with premium status. Bugs free and clean holland soils will be used. With built in reservoir, you can prevent your tree with their root rioting because of overwatering. 

Rubber plant 印度橡樹
Red / olive green
from 45cm to 160cm
light level : medium to low

Lady palm

light level : Bright indirect light 
too light shade, tip burn if too much sunshine
from 45cm to 160cm

Kentia Palm with cubico 30 (holland)

Order here <>

Small Pony tail plant

Order here <>

Crassula ovata

Order here <>

Calathea Rufibarba

Order here <>

Snake plant

Order here <

 ZZ plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia)

light level : low

Polyscias 日本森樹

light level : Bright indirect light
from 45cm to 120cm
need constant trimming from time to time

 Golden pale pothos 黃金葛

from 4ft tall to 6ft
light level :  low

Spathiphyllum (Peace lilies) 白掌
miniature from 10cm to 45cm
light level : medium to low

天堂鳥Bird of Paradise

light level : Bright indirect light
from  100cm - 200cm / 4ft/ 5ft/ 6ft

Giant  Spathiphyllum (Peace lilies)

1.2m tall and 1m wide
light level : medium to low

Pachira aquatica 發財樹
light level : Bright indirect light
from 45cm to 120cm, 4ft/ 5ft/ 6ft

Drancea (Corn Plant)鐵樹

light level : Medium to bright light;
from  60cm -120cm

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