Monday, August 10, 2009

Wedding flowers in Hot summer! 適合炎夏結婚的鮮花

Here's a short list of a few hardy flowers that recommends:

Protea 皇后
Spider Mum 爪菊
Button mum 菊仔 
Carnation 康乃響
Craspedia 黃金球
Coxcomb 雞冠花
Mini calla lily or regular Calla 馬啼蘭
Sunflower 向日葵
Anthurium 紅掌
Cymbidium orchid 蕙蘭
Cornflower 貓眼
Wax flower 立梅
Hypericum berries 紅豆

What flowers should couples avoid if they are getting married outdoors in the heat?
Hydrangea 繡球, Garden Roses, Dahlias大理花, and Gardenias , Bouvardia 十字花。

Tulips will open when heat. So, it is is very depends on your design

If they are used, try the best with these method.
1) Let the flowers drink enough water.
2) Put the flowers bouquet in the vase frequently.
3) Use flower bouquet handle with wet foam.
4) Spray of flower coating where necessary

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