Thursday, September 27, 2007

Gift Message Cards 心意卡

New Fleur Hong Kong Message Cards. We have provide 4 different styles for you to choose.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Color and meaning of flowers 花語

White roses: 白玫瑰
It means for true love & purity of spirit. Also, it is meaning of "trust me".
白色代表純真的愛情,亦可以表明 「請相信我」的意思。

Yellow roses: 黃玫瑰
It is an expression of friendship. As lightly open yellow roses asks the questions "Do you still love me?" and when fully opened, yellow roses can also mean a lament " please come back to me!"

Pink roses: 粉紅玫瑰
It means prefect happiness, pleasure , but also secret love. It says "my heart belongs to you". In full flower, a pink rose can also mean "believe what I say and do". A deep pink rose is a symbol of gratitude.

White & Red roses: 紅白色組合
A combination of white and red roses means togetherness for all time.

(source: floraholland)

Hand corsage 結婚手花

Made from real flowers!
Spray rose, Wax flowers, Hyacinths 小玫瑰,立梅,風信子

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Hand-tied bouquet- No plastics! 手綁花束

A new breed of hand-tied spiral bouquets -- originating in Europe -- has unfurled as a unique form of floral arrangement for the home. Hand-tied bouquet is different from your buying at the street florist in many ways. You can see the difference in followings:

原自歐洲的手綁花束,鬆開的花型優雅自然,是室內及家居最好的點綴。不同於市場上有些價廉的傳統花束,即使你以為花的外型和份量是一樣, 解開包裝後卻是兩回事。

1. No plastics cellulose tape is used.
We used the natural ropes and spiral method to tie the flowers together.

2. No plastics holder in each of the flower stems and on its flower buds.
Traditional florists use cellulose tape as binding and make their bouquets flat on the table. Therefore they used the plastics holder on the stems to make the flowers pop out. Instead, modern florists use a spiral binding technique with strings. And they use leaves and flowers material make a bunch of flowers voluminous.

沒有玻璃紙。傳統的花束,會在每支花柄上加上玻璃紙,以作為花與花之間的分隔空隙,亦令到花束看上來比較大一點。有些更在花蕾上再加上很明顯的膠網裝飾。花束都是平放於桌上,只有使用膠紙綑紮,不是立體的螺旋形,所以"膠紙"十分多看起來會"豐滿"一點。現代的花束都很環保, 亦講求美感,不要太多不自然的完素。

3. No plastics net wrapping material.
We used paper, raffia ribbon and sometimes fabric woven ribbon instead. A simplistic and modern style - environmental friendly as well.

4. Value for money.
Your flowers is handle by our skillful florists beautifully. They spend more time than the traditional florist who make the wrap and you go. Plus, more flowers & greenery you will be receiving instead of a bunch of plastics wrap that you will not able to put it back to the vase.

5. Use tasteful color scheme.
It is a professional florist's duty to make use of the beautiful color to create a piece of art that attractive to your eyes. We do not suggest to "mix-and-match" yourself. It ends up something very distasteful and their color looks strange.
使用經過組合的顔色系列。花店從業員只會使用悅目的顔色,以自然的表現花的美態,不會胡亂配搭。傳統的花束都只是隨手拿來數總花材綁起來, 沒有視覺上的美感可言。

6. No "baby breath" things.
We seldom use things such as "baby breath" and "solidago" as filler flowers. We use natural green leaves and Eustoma flowers instead. Modern florist make use of different trendy flowers to create new style.

7. Hand-tied flowers are ready for decoration.
Traditional flowers make a big problem here. With the plastic stuffing inside the bouquet, you may not find it easy to put it beautifully into your vase. And also, sometimes the weight is not balance and will turn over the vase. Hand tied bouquet has a spiral structure that can standing on the table. It is so natural that you can put on vase but not seeing any plastic cellulose tape stick on the flowers.

Do it yourself!手綁花束的做法:Better Homes