Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wedding flowers Trends 花球,場地設計趨勢

Be the Drama queen on your Big day!

1) Break the rule. Get yourself a super-sized if you a petite girl, a mini chic style if you are the tall bride. A super-size bouquet composite with hydrangea, peony and roses with big volume of flowers. A mini chic style with flowers set on wire or set on the flower foam handle, feeling feather light and small.

2) Color first! Consider yourself with a minimum budget. Only get yourself one kind of flowers and shade to get a interesting result. The bridesmaid with different color of dresses, so as their bouquets. No need everyone on the same uniform now. It is ok for everyone has their own style now!

e.g tulips, calla lily, roses go with a single bunch without hurting your budget. Get yourself and bridesmaids different special colors!

3) Flowers arrangement in chic and small ways. No need to have a big flowers show, roses bed again! It costs less budget if you need only use a few magical arrangements to catch the eyesight. Less flowers used at your ballroom but get a cosy home wedding party instead.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Great Sucess! Valentine's day hit!

多謝大家支持!今年玫瑰花的價錢上漲,入貨少左,所以瞬間沽清,是意料之外。特別是十分多舊客戶的支持,之前promote又唔記得訂,又或者到女朋友提醒至訂,last minute order 都幾多!



Happy Valentine's day!