Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Introducing Commute.hk 香港交通相機 iOS App

Hi, we flower girls would like to introduce a shiny new iOS app that will be released on the iOS AppStore shortly.

The app is Commute.hk 香港交通相機. This app gives you quick accesses to all the traffic camera views in Hong Kong.

You can browse the cameras easily by using map, list and grid views, as well as adding your own favorite cameras for easy referencing.

All traffic news and camera imagery are provided by the Data.One service operated by the OGCIO of the HKSAR government.

If you drive a fast car, I am sure you will find this app very helpful. By the way, this app will push any special news traffic info right to your app as quick as it gets.

The app should be approved in the next 10 days by Apple, probably faster if our prayers to the tiki gods are answered.

Here are some more screenshots:

- Data.One service by OGCIO of HKSAR government

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wedding bouquet of Spring 春日花球

Parrot tulips

Parrot Tulips have petals that are feathered, curled, twisted, or waved. Besides this, the flowers are very large and brightly coloured. As a result, Parrot Tulips are extremely flamboyant. If you want dramatic tulips, these are a great choice.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Event decoration 場地佈置

Every project begins with your own inspiration broad. There will be different types of flowers materials, flower arrangement style, and color scheme. We can make a perfect match for every magic occasion. Contact us at 21367427 for details.

Inspiration before this project

1) Blue color flowers

2) Table arrangement

3) color scheme