Thursday, August 27, 2009

Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) care instructions 朱頂蘭的打理方法

Instructions on how to take care Amaryllis.

In the home: 朱頂蘭的打理方法:

1. Slant cut the stems and stand in fresh water. It is advisable to cut a small piece off the stems every two days to achieve maximum vase life. 每隔兩天換水剪腳。
2. Moving the flowers into a different vase or replacing the water in the vase will not impair their vase life. 換花瓶的水對花沒有影响。
3. Do not forget that the hollow stems of Hippeastrum are filled with water. Drain them above the vase when moving them. 花莖中空,當拿起會有水倒出。
4. When using Hippeastrum at an angle it is advisable to push a stick into the stem to prevent it from bending. It would normally take 10 to 14 days before this occurred.當在大約一星期左右,中空的花莖要放竹枝扶直,以防倒下。
5. Hippeastrum grows taller as the flower opens. Ensure there is plenty of space above the flower ( 20 cm) to accommodate this growth. 花會長高,要預有空間。
6. Hippeastrum does not need cut flower food but can tolerate it. 可以不用鮮花水,下亦無損花。
7. Remove dead blooms to maintain the ornamental value. 可以剪去凋謝的花頭。
8. When Hippeastrum has been standing in water the base of the stem will turn red and start to curl back. This has no ill effects on the flower’s ability to absorb water.


Monday, August 24, 2009

七夕情人節 Happy Chinese Valentine's day

2009年七夕情人節是:農曆七月初七,西曆8月26日。 分隔兩地的戀人們要送花給女朋友啊!





Monday, August 10, 2009

Wedding flowers in Hot summer! 適合炎夏結婚的鮮花

Here's a short list of a few hardy flowers that recommends:

Protea 皇后
Spider Mum 爪菊
Button mum 菊仔 
Carnation 康乃響
Craspedia 黃金球
Coxcomb 雞冠花
Mini calla lily or regular Calla 馬啼蘭
Sunflower 向日葵
Anthurium 紅掌
Cymbidium orchid 蕙蘭
Cornflower 貓眼
Wax flower 立梅
Hypericum berries 紅豆

What flowers should couples avoid if they are getting married outdoors in the heat?
Hydrangea 繡球, Garden Roses, Dahlias大理花, and Gardenias , Bouvardia 十字花。

Tulips will open when heat. So, it is is very depends on your design

If they are used, try the best with these method.
1) Let the flowers drink enough water.
2) Put the flowers bouquet in the vase frequently.
3) Use flower bouquet handle with wet foam.
4) Spray of flower coating where necessary