Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wedding flowers Style 花球的選擇

Fresh flowers are not manufactured. Their may be available at certain time and disappear from market within noticing.
Let's introduce the wedding flowers bouquet style.

1.) The round: It is the most classical and traditional bride’s bouquet… and as it implies, it is round! It typically is small in size and features only one type of flower.

2.) The Nosegay: This bouquet is round in shape. But, compared to the round, the nosegay has less flowers and more greenery.
小型花球。要球小一點的花材,可以多一點其它的綠葉為托。 有時候新娘子要比較小型的花球不要太多花。

3.) The Cascade: May also be referred to as a teardrop bouquet or a waterfall bridal bouquet. Cascade wedding bouquets are rounded at the top and fall to a point.

Source: angel-flowers

4.) The Arm: This bouquet rests in the crook of your arm and can be referred to as the presentation bouquet or pageant bouquet. Flowers for this bouquet often have long stems and are left “as is” with a ribbon tied around them.

source: The Kissing Tree

5.) The Freeform: This one can also be called a contemporary bouquet. It does not have a specific or defined shape, has foliage coming out of the bouquet and usually utilizes tropical flowers.
由自型,田園式。是比較西方式的花束,十分隨意的將花材組合,不會刻意做成圓型,用的都是比較田園的花材,少花多草啊! 香港比較少用,由於香港的婚禮比較城市,少有綠草地或花園婚禮,所以新娘覺得太大膽的款式而少有嘗試。

Source: The knot

6.) The Composite: This one is quite interesting and must take some serious time…A composite bouquet is made of petals wired or glued together to form a single large bloom with a ribbon tied to it.

Do it yourself....