Monday, January 5, 2009

男仕送花的學問  A Guy’s guide of sending flowers

大部份的女士都想收花,特別是收到男仕送的花往往會留下深刻印象。其實,收到鮮花比禮物更能打動對方。只是男仕不留意又不細心,往往送給女士的花不合潮流,不夠浪漫,只有見笑而拒絕『不用送花給我了!』。送花其實是一種很感性的行為,對花的認識不一定多,但你只需要打個電話,就可以花店代為選擇她喜好的顏色及花的品種。 你對花店的選擇很重要,往往反映你的品味和心思。能否完成你的送花任務取悅芳心?以下有些許提示:

單一種花,例如玫瑰花,馬啼蘭,鬱金香, 單獨不加任何其它的花,專一而簡潔。



真情流露!送花不要等生日或記念日送,make it a day without a reason! 不論何日子,大小事都可以給她驚喜。突如其來的送到辦公室或家中,往往比起生日等日子,更為驚喜和留下更深刻印象。「沒有特別原因」都是送花的理由。




A Guy’s guide of sending flowers

Flowers are a sensual gift that can express any emotion so simply – with just a little knowledge and a phone call to the florist.The most important thing to remember is that you simply cannot go wrong with flowers. Your florist is there to help, but you’ll get all the credit.

# Monobotanic. Arrangements featuring only one type of flower (such as all roses, tulips, lilies or iris) are in style and may even include different colors of the same flower in the vase or container.

# Monochromatic. Pick a color, any color and stick with it! If her favorite color is pink, for example, ask your florist for a fresh bouquet of different flowers in the same color range.

# Bunches of Texture. Ask your florist to select complementary flowers of various textures to place in bunches in an elegant glass container. This unique look has a bold, contemporary feel and will surely provide the “wow” factor.

A Guy’s Checklist of Things to Remember

* Be Spontaneous. You don't have to wait for a special occasion to give flowers. In fact, most women say “no reason” is the best reason to get flowers.

* Size Doesn’t Matter. Trust your florist to help you send an arrangement that is appropriate for the occasion. Bouquets both big and small can make a bold statement. It’s the sentiment that makes the impact.

* Score Big Points. Surprise her by sending a bouquet to her office, and see how much attention you’ll get because of the attention she got.

* Relax. Flowers don't have to mean commitment. Women know when an arrangement simply means that you care.

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