Saturday, December 6, 2008

13 things you should NEVER say to a Florist:

1) It must be sooo much fun playing with flowers all day!
2) God, you look tired/rough/dead
3) It must be really relaxing to work in a flowershop
4) *phone rings* Hello, I received flowers from you over 7 days ago and they are all dead. I want a refund!
5) I can get that cheaper in Flower market
6) Don't you just LOVE artificial flowers?!'
7) So... how long have you been a flower arranger?
8) HOW MUCH??? But that grows wild in my garden!!!
9) When I retire I'd like to buy a little florist shop
10) If you were a lady, would you like these?
11) These ALL look DEAD. Don't you have anything FRESHER in the back?
12) I do flower arranging myself, you know
13) You are sooo lucky to have such a glamorous job!

---Haha... totally agree!

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