Friday, April 25, 2008

How to pin on a Boutonniere? 如何戴上男仕襟花?








In the past days, the stem of a boutonniere flowers was inserted through an actual "buttonhole" in a man's left lapel. Today, we do not have a hole in the lapel, so the boutonniere need to be pinned.

You have to place the boutonniere on the left lapel, then using the a pearl pin, either vertically or at a slight angle, pushing it through the fabric just beneath the head of the flower. You can further secure it with another pin but slightly at different angle or beneath.

Don't stick out the pin too much or you hurt your finger! The trick is the pin should hold the right breath the flower head, or the heaviest part of your corsage.

Some people maybe not comfortable with the pearl pin. They use a popular made in china design, putting a boutonniere in a "badge" kind of holder.

Of course, it looks very ugly to me. And, it usually fails to do the job. The green plastic things is so visible that the boutonniere is actually hanging there, not stick close on the lapel. When the groom is moving so much, the boutonniere can't stay on the positions. Or, the plastic is so crispy. When it breaks, you have no way to put it on or using the original pin will help.

A simple pin is easy and secure enough for your whole wedding day, with no embarrassment. Although, some people will use the magnetism stick onto the lapel. Again, the magnetism is unpredictable. You risk losing the boutonniere if it is slip over, or the magnets leave a mark on the lapel if the magnetism is very strong.

From now on, don't use the green plastic thing!Learn to do with the pin!

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