Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Color and meaning of flowers 花語

White roses: 白玫瑰
It means for true love & purity of spirit. Also, it is meaning of "trust me".
白色代表純真的愛情,亦可以表明 「請相信我」的意思。

Yellow roses: 黃玫瑰
It is an expression of friendship. As lightly open yellow roses asks the questions "Do you still love me?" and when fully opened, yellow roses can also mean a lament " please come back to me!"

Pink roses: 粉紅玫瑰
It means prefect happiness, pleasure , but also secret love. It says "my heart belongs to you". In full flower, a pink rose can also mean "believe what I say and do". A deep pink rose is a symbol of gratitude.

White & Red roses: 紅白色組合
A combination of white and red roses means togetherness for all time.

(source: floraholland)

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