Tuesday, August 7, 2007

10 個建立網上商店的秘訣

10 Tips to build your successful e-commerce businesss

1. Don't use E﹣commerce default layout

A customized layout and design will help to build up your branding. It helps customers to recognize your website is special and unique.


2. Use Thumbnails

You can display your catalog using thumbnails picture and allow users to get a better image by clicking on your images.


3. Optimize your image in Photoshop

The pictures don't work if they are not pretty enough.

4. Smooth your check out process

Make no more than 4 simple steps:
# Choose delivery address
# Choose delivery options
# Enter payment details
# Review and submit the order

Once a user has placed their order, a confirmation e-mail should be sent out straightaway.


5. Your target Market

Find out who is our customers is the key of business.

6. Add SSL Certificate

Use SSL Certificate to secure the data transmission, especially your credit card and personal information.

使用SSL Certificate 傳送網上資料


傳送你的個人資料時,留意網頁是否有使用https:// 並且要有"鎖"顯示。如下圖:

7. Add Terms of Use, Privacy, or Conditions of Sale Statements

Tell your customers of your responsibility to protect their privacy and condition of sales. No spamming!


8. Add your Product Descriptions

Do the best to describe your product in details. Don't just show your picture without mentioning your pretty items.


9. Flash

Too much Flash will affect the accessibility to your store. Customers do not understand your layout and cannot not easily control of those fancy Flash effect. They will simply walk away from the website.


10. Post your Address and numbers

Don't forget to post your address and telephone number! You have to follow up every cases of complaint and allow customers to get in touch with you immediately when there is urgent situation.




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